Condensation info
Condensation is a natural
by-product of modern living.
contract Conditions
Harford ask you to please
read through these.
dpc plastering spec.
It is important the following
spec is strictly adhered to.
woodboring insects
Please read this to safeguard
the health of your wood.

About Us

Harford Specialised Services Ltd was formed in 1989 and is a remedial treatment company specialising in the eradication of rising damp, wood worm, insect infestation and fungal decay. In addition to these works we also carry out wall tie replacement works.


Harfords is an approved contractor for many of the major manufacturers and we are used on a regular basis by many
local surveyors, local authorities, agents and estate agents to carry out inspections on properties in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.


All treatments carried out by Harfords requiring chemical application use the most up to date, effective
and environmentally friendly products.


Upon request we can carry out a free inspection and provide you with a report and estimate for any treatment found necessary.



As standard, Harford Specialised Services offer a 15 year guarantee on rising damp, woodworm treatment and wall tie replacement. In addition to this our customers can purchase an additional bonded guarantee issued by the chemical or wall tie manufacturer. Details cost and cover can be provided on request.